Change in computer privileges – CyberArk FAQs

CyberArk Privilege Management – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers relating to CyberArk Privilege Management changes currently in progress.

What is CyberArk Privilege Management and why do we need it?

CyberArk is a cloud-based security tool, which has strong capabilities to secure and control privileged user accounts and process elevation to ensure better security and governance, and also meet compliance regulations. CyberArk has already been installed in many of our computers and can be activated with minimal effort.
Over the next several months, HSC IT will begin fully implementing a Privileged Access Management change that will enhance security and reduce the number of unapproved and harmful software and business applications (“apps”) installed on our computers. This security approach is common in healthcare, medical education and research organizations that handle sensitive data in compliance with applicable laws.

What does the CyberArk Privilege Management agent running on my computer do?

When a new application is installed, or an existing application needs additional privileges to perform its function, the agent will log this as an event and present you with options to either “run as” an account with elevated rights, or to request an approval from Information Technology. The software will periodically retrieve new policies so that if someone else has requested approval of an application and it is approved, you will likely be allowed to install that application as well.

What if I need something approved that CyberArk Privilege Management is not allowing me to execute?

You will need to provide a description of the task or process in question to help the approvers understand the use case for the action so that they can approve. Once approved it does not prompt again in the future.

What detail can I provide to help ensure that my request is approved?

Make sure to provide a clear brief description of the application or process and the reason why it is needed.

• Scope of the impact- Single machine vs entire department vs entire organization
• The name of any vendors that provided the software to you
• Let the approvers know what service(s) are being impacted by this, such as what happens if this change is not implemented
• Reference other individuals (Department Heads, Managers, etc.) that can help validate that this is needed

Who is responsible for approving my request for elevation?

HSC Information Technology will receive the request in the form of a service ticket and will have 24 hours to take action. You should be given a response via a helpdesk ticket as to whether the request was approved or declined.

What is the upcoming schedule of change?

A pilot implementation consisting of several departments including ITS, Academic Innovation & Library was completed in the month of May. We will be moving forward with a campus-wide phased implementation starting in late June. The proposed campus roll-out schedule is listed below:

Ring 2- 06/22/2022
• Research Administration
• Research Core
• HSC Next
• Office of Sponsored Programs
• Div of Rsrch & Innov-Gen
• Laboratory Animal Medicine
• Rsrch Compliance
• University Assessment & Accred
• Institutional Advancement
• Marketing and Communications
• Governmental Affairs
• Off of Culture & Experience
• Property Control
• Mail Services
• Central Receiving
• Utilities & Energy Mgmt

Ring 3- 07/06/2022
• Automotive Services
• Paint Shop
• Grounds Maintenance
• Facilities Mgmt
• Custodial Services
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Construction Mgmt
• Facilities Admin
• Police-Administration
• Environmental Health & Safety
• Institutional Real Property
• VP Operations-Gen
• Contract Admin
• Correctional Medicine
• Student Finance
• Budget
• Financial Assurance
• EVP Finance and Operations-Gen
• HSC Health Peds Allergy
• HSC Health Pediatrics
• HSC Health Osteopathic Manip Med
• HSC Health OBGYN
• HSC Health Student Health
• HSC Health Dermatology
• HSC Health Cardiology
• HSC Health Gastroenterology
• HSC Health Internal Medicine
• HSC Health Psychiatry
• HSC Health Geriatrics

Ring 4- 07/20/2022
• HSC Health Family Med-Gen
• HSC Health Pharmacy.
• HSC Health Administration
• SaferCare TX
• Office of the Dean – MD School
• Inst Translational Research

Ring 5- 08/03/2022
• Center for Human ID
• Mental Sciences Institute
• SPH-Dean’s Office

Ring 6- 08/17/2022
• Microbiology, Immunology & Gene
• Pharmacology & Neuroscience

Ring 7- 08/31/2022
• Physiology and Anatomy

Ring 8- 09/14/2022
• SBS-Dean’s Off
• Pharmaceutical Sciences
• Pharmacotherapy
• Stu Expr & Acad Svs
• Office of the Dean-Pharmacy
• Lifestyle Health Sciences
• Physician Assistant Studies
• Physical Therapy

Ring 9- 09/28/2022
• Office of the Dean-SHP
• Medical Education
• Peds and Women’s Health
• Orthopedics
• Obstetrics & Gynecology
• Geriatrics
• Internal Medicine-Gen
• Family Medicine
• Community Medicine
• Clinical Trials
• Rural Medicine
• Academic Affairs-TCOM

Ring 10- 10/12/2022
• Admissions-TCOM
• Educational Programs-TCOM
• Office of the Dean-TCOM
• Center for Anatomical Sciences
• Interprofessional Education
• Simulation Program
• Library
• Academic Innovation
• Sr Vice Provost
• Enrollment Management

Ring 11- 10/26/2022
• Student & Academic Affairs
• Inst for Health Disparities
• Faculty Affairs & Dev
• Office of the Provost
• Compliance
• Office of the President

For any additional questions about the CyberArk implementation process please contact the IT Helpdesk at 817-735-2192 or email the IT Helpdesk @

Thank you for your understanding during this period.

-HSC Information Technology