Change in computer administrative privileges (CyberArk)

Greetings HSC Staff and Faculty,

Over the next several months, HSC IT will begin fully implementing what is known as a Privileged Access Management solution. This is a technical definition of a methodology for reducing the incidental risk within an organization’s information systems. It is an initiative to surgically tailor each user’s access privileges to their specific needs, as much as possible. This security approach is common in healthcare, medical education & research organizations that handle private & regulated data in compliance with applicable laws.

“Privileged access” is a term used to designate special access or abilities above and beyond that of a standard user. Privileged Access Management, which applies to standard user accounts as well as system accounts, allows organizations to secure their infrastructure and applications, run business efficiently and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data.

What will change for me?

CyberArk will let users install a large number of software that we have previously white-listed. However, new unseen software will need to be whitelisted which is where the approval workflow kicks in. In essence, not all software will be paused prior to install.

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is the tool used to leverage this change. CyberArk is a cloud-based security tool, which has strong capabilities to secure and control privileged user accounts and process elevation to ensure better security and governance, and also meet compliance regulations. CyberArk is already installed in many of our computers and can be activated with minimal effort.

This change will begin rollout on Wednesday April 6th 2022 to an initial, small group of users. You will receive an email notifying you of this change when you will be included in future rollouts. If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to HSC IT via email and we will help clarify anything not covered by this communication.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this period of change.

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