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Carla Lee Johnson retirement

A note from Dean Mathis:

Please join me in extending best wishes and much happiness to Ms. Carla Lee Johnson as she retires from HSC this week.

Most recently serving as the Executive Director for Student and Academic Services in GSBS, Carla has been an integral part of the HSC family for more than 32 years. She was one of the pioneers of GSBS, having been a part of the School’s inception, including facilitating the initial accreditation process and conferment of our inaugural degrees in biomedical sciences.

While her roles have changed in scope over the last 32 years, her commitment to our students has never wavered. Carla has always been a true advocate for our students: always eager to help and never at a loss for ideas and solutions, she has touched all of our lives in many ways, both large and small. Her dedication and service have been recognized with at least four awards from the Graduate Student Association for her distinguished service as an outstanding staff member. I think last year’s recognition of Carla as one of “HSC’s 50 Heroes,” highlighting those whose contributions have made HSC all it is today, is a wonderful tribute to the legacy she leaves with all of us.

I don’t know how you begin to thank someone for dedicating 32 years of their life to the success of HSC but I know we wouldn’t be where we are today without Carla. Her loyalty, friendship and commitment to service, coupled with her fantastic sense of humor and shining spirit, are second to none and will be missed by all.

I invite everyone to join me this Thursday to celebrate Carla’s retirement and wish her well in her exciting next adventure:

Carla’s Retirement Reception
Thursday, January 13th
2pm-4pm in the EAD Atrium

J. Michael Mathis, MHA, PhD, EdD, Dean, HSC School of Biomedical Sciences