Canvas Clinic SpeedGrader & Gradebook

Session 4 October 26th, 11:45-1:00

Speedgrader at Canvas Clinic: Unveil the art of efficient grading – from mastering point values to unlocking Gradebook wizardry, we guide you through a symphony of seamless assessment. Canvas Clinic is your compass for Gradebook mastery – navigate the colorful world of markers, wield the power to import/export grades, and showcase your expertise in Gradebook enchantment.

1. Articulate how Speedgrader works for viewing/grading assignments
2. Adjust point values for quizzes in Speedgrader
3. Explain how Gradebook works for instructors in general
4. Import/export student grades into/from Canvas
5. Interpret Gradebook markers and colors.
6. Demonstrate use of Gradebook options.

Hybrid Event

Lunch is provided to registrants.