Campus HR Team Working Remotely
March 26, 2020

Your Campus HR Team is working remotely and are available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm through email, Skype, Instant Message (Skype Business), Microsoft Teams, and ZOOM. You are also welcome to leave a voice mail message on the telephone numbers listed below as we are checking our voice mail throughout the day.

HR Representative Email Telephone
Cindy Cantu 817-735-2230
Kimony Carter 817-735-2218
Michael Cuevas 817-735-0636
Elizabeth Schwarz 817-735-0569
Zenobia Yarborough 817-735-2690
Angela Brown 817-735-0295

Zenobia Yarborough will be in the HSC office on Mondays from 8am to Noon to handle I-9 processing for new hires. Please contact Zenobia to make arrangements outside this schedule.