“Campus Carry” becomes effective Aug. 1

Beginning Aug. 1, Texas law will allow individuals with concealed handgun licenses to legally carry their weapons in most locations at the Health Science Center, as well as other public universities in Texas.

Below is a summary of the policy and how it will affect you. You can read the full campus carry policy. Please copy and paste this URL:

If you have questions about the policy, please email questions@unthsc.edu

    • Only those who have obtained concealed handgun licenses are permitted to carry weapons on campus. It remains illegal for unlicensed individuals to bring weapons to UNTHSC.

    • The open carry of weapons is never permitted on campus. If you see a partially or wholly visible weapon, please call UNTHSC Police at 817-735-2600.
    • UNT Health Science Center must provide visible signs at all locations where handguns are prohibited. The main areas of campus where CHL holders are prohibited from bringing their weapons are in the following locations:
        — Areas in the Patient Care Center where medical or patient care services are provided. Concealed weapons are permitted in lobbies, waiting rooms, public restrooms and other common areas, but not in exam rooms or clinical areas.
        — The Pediatric Mobile Clinic.
        — The daycare facility when it opens at 3620 Modlin Ave.
        — Locations where student disciplinary hearings are taking place. Since these locations vary, portable signs indicating that weapons are not allowed will be placed outside offices or meeting rooms when such hearings are in effect.
    • Those with concealed handgun licenses must display their license when directed by a law enforcement officer. Otherwise, an individual is not required to disclose whether he or she is a license holder to participate in any program or service at UNTHSC, unless otherwise required by law.
    • The Health Science Center will not provide storage facilities for weapons. CHL holders are responsible for safely securing their own weapons when entering an area where carrying a firearm is prohibited.