BPFA FUN Club Cake Contest Winners
November 8, 2018

FUN Club Cake Contest 2018
And the winners are:

Individual Category
1st Place-Design Lauren Booe Goodpaster (TCOM Career Development)
1st Place Prize-Taste Alexandra Merciante (PhD candidate Biomedical Sciences)
Place People’s Choice Apple Sims (Lab Animal Medicine)

Professional Category
1st Place Prize-Design Love Sweet Things Bakery
1st Place Prize-Taste Jovanny’s Cakery
People’s Choice That’s The Cake Bakery-Arlington, TX (Nancy & Monte)

The FUN Club would like to thank all of the Bakers/Bakeries for their incredible cake entries!
Amy Fox (Student Affairs)
Baking Rico
Blair Chappell (Office of Brand and Communication)
Cynthia Taylor (Research)
Casandra Luna (Pharmacy Admissions)
Melissa Brand & Alexis Ruddock (Student Affairs)
Deborah Osikoya (Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences)
PhysAssist Scribes
Kathleen Borgmann, PhD (Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics)
Krogers-Camp Bowie
Swiss Pastry Shop Bakery
PA Veda Womack (Faculty Senate)
Worthington Renaissance Hotel

Special Thanks To Our Volunteers:
Nicole Williams-Hall-TCOM
Lorraine Sheldon-Library
Derrick Smith-Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Lydia Negron-Career Center
Jimmy Renfro-Career Center
Leslie Crosdale-International Services Office
Susan Duncan-Registrar’s Office
Lori Saunders-Student Development
Ashlee Jimenez-Student Development
Brenda Wilson-INCEDO