Asthma 411 Art Contest Winners!

Asthma411 has named the winners of the annual Healthy Lungs Starts with Me Art Contest. All three students attend the Corey Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language in Arlington,TX!

The winners are:

  • First Place – Amazonia Prieto
  • Second Place – Elise Gonzales
  • Third Place- Riley Roberts

The purpose of the Healthy Lungs Start With Me Art Contest is to give students the opportunity to promote respiratory health through artwork that inspires people to think, discuss solutions, and take action to keep their lungs healthy.

“The Asthma 411 Breathe with Ease Art Contest encourages children to creatively engage with Whole Health,” Dr. Leslie Allsopp, Asthma 411 Faculty Partner, said. “It is a joy to see what children have created in response to this opportunity. I thank our SaferCare team members, and school partners for making it possible, and Arlington ISD students for their beautiful work.”

You can view the winning art work here!