Are you in the 5% Club?
October 11, 2019


UNTHSC Office of Institutional Compliance and Integrity performs documentation review audits on all billing providers. These audits are based on the 1995 and 1997 guidelines published through Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. CMS guidelines are often referred to as the “gold standards”.

Documentation consists of three key components: History, Exam and Medical Decision Making. Documenting the Chief Complaint and carrying the reason for the visit through to the Medical Decision Making component is vital when choosing the level of service to bill. When all components are documented accordingly and billed correctly; the providers audit score could achieve a 95 to 100%. With all that accomplished; the answer is YES, I am in the 5% Club!

Please RSVP in joining us to recognize the Providers that will be announced next week.  RSVP here.