Applications for President’s Councils due by noon Dec. 5

Steve Sosland, Chief People & Performance Officer, sent this email to all team members on Nov. 29:

Dear HSC Team:

During the Sept. 12 Town Hall meeting, President Mike Williams introduced his plan to establish five President’s Councils. This email outlines more information about these councils.

To increase team input, transparency and communication of decisions made by the HSC Cabinet

The Councils with designated Council leaders*
  • Academic Council (Dr. Claire Peel) – makes recommendations affecting academic programs, faculty and students.
  • Research Council (Dr. Anuja Ghorpade) – makes recommendations affecting research programs, faculty and students.
  • Finance & Budget Council (Greg Anderson) – makes recommendations affecting budget and finance issues impacting the HSC.
  • Built Environment Council (Jason Hartley) – makes recommendations affecting buildings, space allocation & management, parking and other real property.
  • People & Culture Council (Steve Sosland) – makes recommendations affecting the HSC team including Our Values journey, compensation, performance feedback, coaching and other issues affecting our team.
*Leaders designated by President Williams

Council Composition
Cross-functional team consisting of 8-10 team members who are faculty and staff leaders and front line team members

Each council will consist of individuals from the following groups:
  • Cabinet
  • Deans
  • Faculty Senate
  • HSC Fellows
  • Leadership 125
  • Inspire graduate
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • APT Team
Note: some individuals may fit multiple categories

Council Charter
Councils will meet at least monthly and more frequently as needed to address challenges and opportunities designated by the President and Cabinet that affect the HSC. Council will meet for a specific purpose and use a standardized decision-making process to develop top 2-3 recommendations to resolve the identified issues. The Council leader will forward the recommendations to the Cabinet for a reply or decision within two weeks of the date received.

The Office of People Development will meet with each Council to conduct training on the HSC Decision-making Model. The model will be incorporated into all leader development throughout the organization. We will modify it based on feedback.

Each council member will agree to serve for a one or two year term, chosen during the charter meeting. The Cabinet will select replacements as needed.

Council Member Characteristics
We are looking for council members with a burning desire to represent their constituents, help improve processes and make recommendations to the HSC Cabinet to make our organization a Best Place for All. These are working councils that will require each member to learn and apply a standardized HSC decision-making process and address critical challenges we face. We need collaborative team members who live our values and demonstrate courage, commitment, passion and critical thinking skills.

Selection Process
  • Team members interested in serving on a council should submit a brief paragraph (no more than 100 words) outlining what interests them about being a part of one of the President’s Councils to their supervisor for approval. Rank order councils if interested in more than one.
  • Supervisors will forward names and interest paragraphs of those they approve plus any others they recommend to their respective Cabinet member by 12:00 noon, Monday, Dec. 5.
  • President Williams and the HSC Cabinet will select council members during the afternoon of their scheduled meeting on Dec. 5.
  • We will publish the list of Council members in The Daily News on Monday, Dec. 12.

Warm regards,

Steve Sosland
Chief People & Performance Officer
Executive Vice President