Annual Inventory Moves to LIB
June 18, 2018

**** Property Control will be scanning the Gibson. D. Lewis Bldg (LIB) starting 6/18/18. We will begin on level four and move downward. ****

The State of Texas requires that each state agency make a complete physical inventory of all assets in its possession once each year. In compliance with that requirement, we are initiating the FY2018 annual inventory.

Delia Cuevas and Donald Fulford will be RFID scanning the campus for FY2018 Annual Inventory. Please be expecting them and have all assets available to scan. All metal cabinets will need the door opened 1 inch for the antennae to read. If you know of an asset that requires a RFID tag, please email

Upon completion of the campus scan, Property Control will notify the departments of any assets not scanned. The department is required to contact Property Control for access to scan it, if not the department is required to Complete a State “Missing, Damaged, Stolen” form for each asset that is declared missing. A department head signature and determination of negligence is not required for inventory purposes. Go to the following link to complete a Missing, Damage, Stolen form:

Property Control will update The Daily News as we move across the campus.