American Heart Association Second Century Early Faculty Independence Award

Deadline for required pre-proposals: Tuesday, April 4, 2023 

As the American Heart Association approaches its 100-year anniversary, the importance of bringing novel approaches to address critical gaps in the health and well-being of all cannot be overstated. In recognition of this pending anniversary and the need to foster solutions in these areas, AHA’s Board of Directors allocated additional one-time research funding to support innovative research initiatives to address these gaps. AHA’s Second Century Early Faculty Independence Awards will support highly promising investigators in the early years of their first professional appointment as they address one of several possible areas of critical, emerging priority. Suggested thematic areas of research focus include:

    • Technology-driven health care and diagnostics, including artificial intelligence/machine learning approaches, telemedicine, biosensors and wearables
    • Novel and emerging therapeutics, including genome editing therapies, regenerative therapies, and bioengineered foods
    • Environmental impacts on health, including direct and indirect effects
    • Research and solutions for issues affecting aging populations and the shrinking healthcare workforce

Note: applicants may propose a research topic other than those noted above, provided a strong rationale is made for research on that topic as a critical/emerging topic for the next century. Research in any scientific domain including basic, translational, clinical and implementation research will be considered.

Interested faculty members should thoroughly review American Heart Association website