American Brain Tumor Association Discovery Grant

Discovery Grants are one-year, $50,000 grants for high risk, high impact research with the potential to change current diagnostic or treatment models. Grants are intended to provide seed-funding for early-stage faculty-level researchers to develop their new ideas, and to get the preliminary data needed to apply for larger grants.

Deadline: Letter of Intent December 13, 2023.


ABTA’s Research Program The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) is the nation s oldest non-profit organization dedicated to brain tumor education, support, and research. Since its founding in 1973, the ABTA has supported early-career investigators, contributing to the modern brain tumor research and scientific community to advance the field’s scientific understanding and medical treatment of brain tumors. Today, the ABTA’s research alumni are leading some of the nation’s most prestigious brain tumor centers and serving as mentors to a new generation of scientists and clinicians.

An independent, multi-level, external review process ensures that ABTA grants are awarded for the most meritorious brain tumor research projects. Our prestigious Scientific Advisory Council and grant reviewers are leaders in the brain tumor community. Through the funding of brain tumor research, the ABTA supports projects that will change our understanding of the causes, effects, diagnosis, and treatment of brain tumors. We fund innovative discovery science that is developing new drugs, new imaging techniques, and advanced methods of diagnosis as well as research that will improve the quality of life of brain tumor patients and their caregivers.
Request for Application (RFA), ABTA Discovery Grant Section I. Funding Opportunity Description The American Brain Tumor Association seeks applications from faculty who propose high-
risk/high-impact projects with the potential to change current diagnostic or treatment paradigms for adult and pediatric brain tumor care.

ABTA Discovery Grants provide up to $50,000 in support over a one-year period (see Section III for more information on the grant award and term).
Grants are intended to encourage the development of new approaches to diagnosis and treatment, leading to advancements in the understanding and treatment of brain tumors and increasing the potential for improving, extending, and ultimately, saving the lives of those living with a brain tumor diagnosis.
The funding mechanism specifically encourages novel research by allowing researchers to conduct the early scientific studies needed to secure additional/future funding for their projects.
Investigators from sciences outside traditional biological fields are encouraged to apply.

For more information, please see the foundation’s website.