AHSE Summer Book Study: Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning

The “Small Teaching” book study is designed to explore James Lang’s insights and strategies for improving teaching practices in higher education. Over the course of three months, participants will delve into Lang’s book, discussing key concepts, sharing experiences, and implementing small teaching techniques in their own classrooms. Elevate your teaching by joining colleagues to explore practical and powerful strategies together. 


  1. Identify the principles of small teaching and its application in higher education. 
  2. Explore strategies for promoting active learning and student engagement. 
  3. Enhance teaching practices through the implementation of small teaching techniques. 
  4. Foster a supportive community of educators committed to continuous improvement. 


Session 1:  

  • Read: Introduction and Chapters 1-3 (p. 1-84) 
  • Meet Virtually: June 26 @ 10a or 2p 

Session 2:  

  • Read: Chapters 4-6 (p. 85-158) 
  • Meet Virtually: July 24 @ 10a or 2p 

Session 3:  

  • Read Chapters 7-9 and Conclusion (p. 159-239) 
  • Meet Virtually: August 28 @ 10a or 2p 

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The Small Teaching book study provides a structured framework for exploring and implementing effective teaching practices in higher education. By engaging with Lang’s insights and collaborating with peers, participants will enhance their teaching skills and create more engaging and impactful learning experiences for their students. 

Link to book at Lewis Library