AHSE Special Session – The Poetics and Politics of Storytelling in Healthcare Contexts on July 19th

The Division of Academic Innovation (DAI) invites you to join a special session graced by the presence of two esteemed guest speakers from Ohio University, Dr. Harter and Dr. Peterson. We strongly encourage you to join us in person, as it will enhance your experience by fostering a greater sense of engagement and interaction.  

The Poetics and Politics of Storytelling in Healthcare Contexts 

Lynn M. Harter, Ph.D., Professor, School of Communication Studies; Affiliate Faculty, Department of Social Medicine, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio University 

Brittany L. Peterson, Ph.D., Professor and Director of E-Learning, Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University 


Time: Wednesday, July 19th, 1-3 pm    

Location: MET 109-111 or Zoom (Meeting ID: 872 1203 4668) 

RSVP: DAI Events Calendar (For in-person attendance, due by noon, July 12th) 


Session Overview:  

Storytelling matters. People derive a sense of what to believe and how to act from stories shared at kitchen tables and on front porches, in classrooms and healthcare clinics, in news reports and through art exhibits. We live, we grieve, and we story with others as we narrate birthing and dying and turning points in between. Join us for an interactive session on the poetics and politics of storytelling in therapeutic contexts. We will explore how storytelling fosters resilience among individuals and groups facing vulnerability and how narrative logics function in healthcare. 


Learning Objectives: 

Recognize the role of narrative logic and storytelling in healthcare organizing. 

Explain how narratives and narrative silences function to establish, maintain, and complicate relationships in healthcare contexts. 

Demonstrate ethical and self-reflective use of storytelling in healthcare contexts. 

Create space for narrative encounters that encourage understanding and connection across differences.