AHSE Presents – Enhancing Learning through Quality Questioning: A Research-based Approach

This training is tailored to enhance participants’ proficiency in effective questioning within educational settings. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the cognitive and metacognitive advantages linked to quality questioning, learning to accurately identify and elucidate key concepts during group discussions. Emphasis is also placed on fostering inclusivity through the adaptation of questioning techniques to accommodate diverse learning styles, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning environment for all. 


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of effective questioning and the cognitive and metacognitive benefits of quality questioning by accurately identifying and explaining key concepts. 
  2. Practice research-based questioning strategies, such as wait time, Socratic questioning, and probing techniques, in various classroom settings.
  3. Develop the ability to create an inclusive questioning environment by adapting questioning techniques to cater to diverse learning styles.


Lunch is provided by those who register for in-person by Monday, January 22nd.