AHSE – Effective Feedback for Healthy Relationships in the Classroom and Beyond – Friday, October 21st, at 11:45 a.m.

Title: Effective Feedback for Healthy Relationships in the Classroom and Beyond 

Speaker: Adria Battaglia, Ph.D., Instructional Designer, Division of Academic Innovation 

Location: LIB 400 or Zoom  

Time: 12-1 pm, Friday, Oct 21st (Lunch starts at 11:45 am) 

RSVP: Go to DAI Events Calendar (Due by 1 pm, Wed, Oct 19th) 


Session Description: 

At its best, feedback is about the development of ourselves and those around us. Survey after survey continues to show us that whether in the classroom, in our places of business, working with patients, or in our personal relationships, quality feedback is both desired and important to our growth and wellbeing. Yet those same surveys always reveal a lack of confidence in giving and receiving meaningful feedback.  

In this interactive workshop, participants will fine-tune their knowledge and skills of the art of feedback to create healthier personal and professional relationships. Drawing from the research of feedback gurus Dr. Shanita Williams, Sheila Heen, and Douglas Stone, this session will provide you with practical strategies and knowledge on effective feedback. 

By the end of this session, participants will be able to: 

    • Identify three types of feedback  
    • Recognize common barriers to giving and receiving feedback  
    • Practice strategies for effectively giving and receiving feedback  
    • Apply effective feedback strategies to a realistic health sciences classroom scenario