AHSE: A Comparison of Strategy for IPE* (*new day and time)

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A Comparison of Strategy for IPE

Cynthia Carroll, MA, LPC, CPPS, PNAP
Director, Interprofessional Education and Practice

MET 125 or Zoom (Meeting ID: 897 3812 3826)

Thursday, October 19th, 12-1:30 pm

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Interprofessional Education is experiencing widespread implementation as national accreditation bodies require and as those interested in advancing quality care and patient safety know is the right thing to do. However, said implementation varies in breadth and depth and is given so much freedom of execution that it begs the question of which methods, of the many, is the best. Is there even such a thing? This session will allow participants to analyze and evaluate IPE as it occurs at our university alongside the occurrences of IPE at universities nationally recognized as leaders in the field.


  • Review the accreditation requirements and Interprofessional curricular guidelines for implementing IPE.
  • Describe the IPE methods of leading institutions across the country.
  • Compare and contrast to discuss what methods are ‘best’.