2016 compensation for staff

This email was sent to team members on Jan. 20, 2016: 

Dear Team,

I want to provide an update on the 2016 compensation program for Staff. Below are details about the program.

Goals of the program

  • To pay competitive salaries – a critical step toward our goal of becoming a great place to work
  • To continue to move our average salary to the market median (5-year goal)
  • To compensate high-performing and high-potential employees
  • To enable leadership to make decisions of who will receive compensation adjustments

Factors considered in making compensation adjustments


Based on the 2015 Staff Performance Feedback Form:

  • Eligible–those who received a rating of 2, 3, or 4
  • Ineligible–those who received a rating of 1

Future potential

Receive a supervisor rating of "A" or "B" for future potential, using the three-level criteria below:

 "A" ranking:

  • Consistently lives our values
  • Consistently a top performer
  • Supports our coaching culture
  • Volunteers readily
  • Embraces positive change and earns trust
  • Represents the highest future potential for promotion
  • Eligible for additional compensation through this program

"B" ranking:

  • Consistently lives our values
  • Solid performer
  • Backbone of a team
  • Eligible for additional compensation through this program

 "C" ranking:

  • Does not consistently live our values
  • Has significant job performance issues
  • Not eligible for additional compensation through this program

Note: Those eligible for a compensation adjustment must have received a rating of at least 2 on their Staff Performance Feedback Form and a future-potential rating of A or B.

Current Salary

  • If the salary is at the mid-point of the salary range or above: Team member is eligible for a one-time lump-sum payment.
  • If the salary is below the mid-point of the salary range: Team member is eligible for a permanent salary increase (team members in 100% grant funded positions may receive a lump sum payment if grant funds are not available to support a permanent salary increase).
  • Senior leadership, including direct reports to the President, Assistant/Associate Vice Presidents and Deans, were not included in this program.

Salary Funding Source

  • State-funded positions: Compensation from designated institutional funds
  • 100% grant-funded positions: Compensation from the grant (if available)
  • UNT Health-funded positions: Compensation from UNT Health funds (if available)


  • By Friday, Jan. 15, supervisors made compensation adjustment recommendations for all of their direct reports.
  • The HR and Budget departments, along with UNTHSC leadership, will review the recommendations and approve final allocations.
  • After allocations are finalized, supervisors will be notified that they can begin communicating the final adjustments to their team members.
  • Supervisors will meet with their direct reports and advise them of any compensation adjustments.

Effective date

  • All adjustments will be effective on March 1 and will be reflected on the April 1 paycheck.
  • Compensation increases will reflect pre-tax amounts.

Please send questions to the Office of People Development, OPD@unthsc.edu.

Warm regards,


Steve Sosland, Chief People & Performance Officer, Executive Vice President

University of North Texas Health Science Center

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