Frequently Asked Questions

What is the selection process to become a Fellows candidate?

Applications are open to all active members of the monthly Leadership 125 (L125) program. The Cabinet will make the final decision. The goal is to have a cohort of 20-25 people in 2018 HSC Fellows class.

How will being a Fellow impact my future promotions?

Graduates of the HSC Fellows program will be considered high potential candidates for additional responsibility including future promotions. The HSC Fellows program does not guarantee future promotions, but will provide opportunities to develop knowledge, competencies, and valuable experience that will prepare candidates to be competitive when promotion opportunities arise.

What is the time commitment?

HSC Fellows sessions will be held on Friday afternoons from 12:00-5:00 pm. In addition, the program will include homework with reading assignments, reflection questions, and a design thinking project. Fellows candidates are required to attend eight of the nine monthly sessions and a minimum of 38 program hours to be considered for graduation.  Makeup sessions will be required for missed sessions.

How will materials be distributed?

Each candidate will be enrolled in a designated Canvas course. Each month, there will be preparation activities, reinforcement discussions, and project updates. These assignments as well as the course materials will be posted in Canvas.

If I apply, who will approve my participation?

All leaders in your chain of command up to and including the UNTHSC President approve participation in this program.

What are the specific criteria for becoming a candidate?

We are looking for leaders who build trust and credibility through their character, competence, and relationships as well as actively participate in monthly Leadership 125 sessions.

What is the cost of participation?

The President and the HSC Cabinet have made the decision to significantly invest in the development of our future senior leaders. Programs of this kind typically cost participants $10,000 or more. The only cost to participants will be the purchase of books used throughout the program totaling no more than $100.

If I cannot participate in 2018, will I have another opportunity to apply?

Yes. This is an annual program offering from the UNTHSC Leadership Institute.

More Questions?  Contact The Office of Strategy and Performance at or 817-735-0267.