Campus-wide Coach Pool

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We are excited to announce the launch of our campus-wide coach pool. Faculty and staff now have access to internally trained coaches to support their growth and development in addition to the coaching they receive from their supervisor. This does not replace on-going coaching and performance management sessions between supervisors and team members, but will serve as a supplement to that process. Participation in this program is voluntary.
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The focus of coaching is having meaningful, individualized, future-focused, and goal-driven discussions to impact performance, increase engagement, and improve retention.  Our hope is that adding this coach pool will provide an opportunity for every team member to accelerate their grow and development – helping us move forward as One University. You can find more information about the UNTHSC Coaching program at

If you are interested in partnering with a coach from the coach pool, please follow the steps below:
  1. Review the Coach Pool Profiles.
  2. Identify 1-2 individuals you think may be a good match.
  3. Contact the coaches to set up a time to learn more about their coaching style and to share your needs.
    • Include: Your goals for coaching, anticipated timeframe/number of sessions requested, and reasons for seeking a coach pool coach (tied to your goals)
    • Ask: Their current bandwidth for coaching, any additional questions you may have, and set up a short phone or in-person conversation to determine compatibility
    • View a sample email HERE
  4. Meet or talk with your possible matches to determine compatibility (phone or in person).
  5. Select a coach:
    • Politely share with any individual you communicated with that you do not select that you have matched with someone else.
    • Contact the person you would like to partner with to begin coaching.
  6. At your first meeting, review and complete the UNTHSC Coaching Agreement.
  7. Email your signed agreement to

Please note: Depending on your role and departmental needs, you may need to notify your supervisor that you will be working with a coach from the coach pool during your scheduled work hours.

Coach Pool Resources:

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