Coaching Plan

One of the most effective ways to accomplish a development goal is to write it down. This enables both the coach/supervisor and team member to think of ways to successfully translate development goals into actions steps that are needed to achieve the goal.

  • The HSC Values-Based Coaching Culture will include scheduled coaching sessions between coaches and their team members.
  • These scheduled sessions will occur three times a year and will include a formal coaching plan template.
  • The coaching plan is a shared responsibility between the team member and the coach.
  • Team members will start the plan, and coaches will provide guidance in creating a plan that sets meaningful development goals.

UNTHSC Coaching Plan

Option 1

Complete this coaching plan for detailed alignment with the Performance Feedback structure or if you prefer this format.

Option 2*

Complete this coaching plan if you would prefer the less detailed format.

For Coaches*

Use this plan to take notes as well as get ideas for open-ended coaching questions to guide the conversation.

* These options for coaching were developed in 2016 by the Coaching Plan Design Team using the design thinking process.

A special thanks to Robin Bartoletti, Susan Franks, Betsy Friauf, Caitlin Gibson, Deborah Gillespie, Elizabeth Heyerdahl, Kim Meyer, Joanne Mize, Matt Moncus, Emily Spence-Almaguer, Victor Uteshev, Annesha White, and Joseph Yuan for their leadership in reimagining the coaching plan.

Formal Coaching Resources

Completed Coaching Plan Examples

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