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Being Coached: What is Your Role?

February 16, 2016 • Coaching, OPD

When you are the recipient of coaching, you are the expert, not the coach. The coach’s role is to facilitate development and create awareness in a way that guides you to solutions and strategies you create that go beyond your typical behavior.

You are accountable to the plans you generate with the guidance of your coach. To prepare for an effective coaching session, you must be open to feedback from your peers and supervisors, have a vision for where you want to be, and be willing to speak openly about your successes and opportunities for growth.

Coaching focuses on you – the team member. You and your coach jointly own the responsibility for a successful coaching session. To get the most out of coaching, you must come prepared with the knowledge of where you are today and where you want to be. You are going to be doing the heavy lifting, not the coach. Your coach is there to help you do your best thinking. Fundamentally, you must be open to change and approach coaching with a growth mindset.

Do you want to….

  • Gain new skills?
  • Overcome obstacles?
  • Be better equipped to successfully complete your current job duties?

Imagine a future free of obstacles and set that as your ideal goal. Come to the session prepared to discuss relevant goals and innovative solutions to get there. To get the most out of coaching, you must Be Visionary in your pursuit of excellence. Possibly the most difficult and most rewarding responsibility of each team member is actually taking the steps necessary to turn your coaching plan into a reality.

– The OPD Team