HSC update on Tarrant County Stay-At-Home Order

Published: March 24, 2020
Categories: HSC Updates

Dear Team,

In accordance with the Tarrant County Stay-At-Home order announced today, HSC will further reduce daily operations to limit the number of team members on campus.

Effective March 25, only select HSC leadership and employees essential to campus security, distance learning, animal research and clinical services, which transitioned to telehealth delivery last week, and the COVID-19 hotline and testing are allowed on campus. If you have not been notified by your supervisors as part of this essential group, please work from home until you receive further information.

The Stay-At-Home order is necessary to help prevent health care workers and first responders from becoming overwhelmed by COVID-19. HSC has previously encouraged all team members with the ability to perform their duties from a remote location to do so and developed alternative educational experiences to students outside the classroom.

Team members who are currently still working on campus in areas other than campus security, animal research or clinical services should check with their supervisors to determine remote work arrangements. Both full and part-time team members, including student employees, who cannot perform job duties from home will be placed on an emergency leave with pay until a return to normal operations.  Please contact HSC Campus HR or your immediate supervisor for any questions about COVID-19 related emergency leave.

Students will receive further information from their schools should this amended order modify the alternative learning systems currently in place.

I appreciate all of you and the dedicated team members who will continue to perform their jobs on campus to keep HSC operating during these difficult times.


Dr. Michael R. Williams