Campus COVID-19 Guidelines

The safety and well-being of team members is HSC’s top concern. Therefore, all team members should follow established guidelines.

  1. Stay home if you are sick or experience any potential COVID-19 symptoms
    • Notify your supervisor if you are sick or experiencing symptoms
    • Contact your primary care physician or contact the Priority Care Clinic at 817-735-CARE (2273)
  2. Wear a mask
    • HSC’s top priority is protecting the health and safety of team members through COVID-19 safety precautions and protocols. HSC will continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
    • Effective Monday, May 17, fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a mask or social distance indoors while on-campus at HSC, unless otherwise deemed required for patient related events or contact. While we are following the CDC’s guidance and easing mask-wearing recommendations, it is important to note individuals (students, faculty and staff) cannot and should not inquire about one’s vaccination status. Furthermore, individuals can continue to wear a mask and social distance at their discretion.
  3. Promote behaviors that reduce spread
    • Practice hand hygiene and sneezing and coughing etiquette
    • Adhere to posted signage regarding directives and expectations
  4. Maintain healthy environments
    • Clean and disinfect work areas and shared spaces daily
    • Do not share items difficult to clean
  5. Maintain healthy operations
    • Practice innovative work practices such as virtual meetings, etc.
    • Contact if you are made aware of a positive COVID-19 case
    • Self-assess for symptoms daily before coming to campus
    • Support your team members and colleagues while coping with our new campus life
  6. Prepare for when someone gets sick
    • Know what symptoms to look for and advise potentially sick individuals to stay home
    • Notify your supervisor if you are sick or have questions about what to do if you or someone you know has symptoms

Our Frequently Asked Questions will provide our team members guidance and additional details on how to promote a safe and healthy return for employees and students, and how to handle situations that may arise.

HSC Campus Reopening Plan FAQs

Thank you for all you do for the HSC and supporting our mission, vision and values. By following these recommendations, you are contributing to a safe and healthy environment for the HSC family and our community.


This page was last modified on May 14, 2021