DPT Reopening Message

Published: July 3, 2020
Categories: School of Health Professions

DPT class 2022 and 2021:

Based on extensive preparations with HSC leadership, I am sending our overall plans to return to campus, as discussed in the last class check-in. Understand that even with the best laid plans, we are likely to make adjustments along the way. We thank you for your continued patience and flexibility on the re-entry plan.

Why are we creating this plan?  We are committed to continuing to deliver quality educational experiences that you have come to expect from our program. To lessen the disruption to your plan of study, this will need to be a joint effort with you with the overall goal of providing you the knowledge and skills needed to go out on clinical rotations AND to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff and our community.

We will continue with the current model of educational content delivery in which everything that can be done online, will be done virtually in synchronous or asynchronous formats. Activities that cannot be assessed virtually will be on campus to complete psychomotor skill development and skills check. However, we will continue to limit total onsite population during this period.  I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our faculty, staff, Dean, and Committees who have worked on the reentry plans so that you can return to campus this week.

We cannot control the trajectory of this pandemic in the community and in places you call home, nor do we have a say in the government’s response. We are in a constant state of uncertainty and we must accept these unknowns and be ready to adapt. However, we do have control over the Department’s ability to mitigate the risk. Due to the nature of our work as PTs, we work physically close with each other. We will adhere to physical distancing and recommendations from the university, state, and CDC. Much of our labs are designed such that you will be in close proximity with each other, as such, we are going above the recommendations to mitigate the risk inherent in engaging in this type of activity. We need everyone’s participation to make this work.

BEFORE you come to campus

  • Complete reentry training online
  • Be prepared – read up on the HSC website, FAQ, re-entry plan. Get informed.
  • DAILY: Self-screen. When you come to campus you are self-attesting that you are healthy and cleared to be with your class and faculty.
  • DO NOT come to campus if you are symptomatic or sick. IF you have a known exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case or a person under investigation (PUI) for coronavirus, do NOT come to campus. Please notify the Chair at the soonest time
  • If you do not show up for class, you instructor will be sending an email to you on the day of your absence to follow up on rescheduling of missed lab activities. Notify the course director of absences at the soonest possible time.
  • Know your sections/groups before you come into class. You will remain within these sections for the entirely of all on campus activities.


  • Mandatory wearing of surgical face mask and face shield for all onsite classroom activities for the DPT program.  Cloth masks may be worn on TOP of the surgical face masks but are not to be substituted in place of the surgical face mask.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to use your own reusable goggles and double mask (surgical and cloth to provide an additional layer of protection).
  • Physical distancing: Be aware of signage and markings and adhere to physical distancing guidelines.
  • Access the MET 5th floor rooms will be in a single direction; entry and exit doors will be clearly marked.  Please follow signage as posted throughout the building.
  • Staggered schedules for classes.  Please see the summer 2020 schedule and/or course announcements for specific details.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures: Vacate the rooms after class or by 5 PM each day and from 12-1, every day. This allows for sanitization of the classrooms.
  • No gatherings; if necessary, small groups only (<10) with physical distancing and face masks.
  • Sanitizing stations will be on the floor. Rooms will have supplies provided.
  • Quiet spaces have been designated on campus – MET 124 and EAD 514. First come basis. Please observe physical distancing and wear masks while utilizing these spaces.
  • Water stations are available; limited to the bottle dispenser use only.

 5th Floor MET and EAD

  • Temperature checks will be done daily before labs class start.
  • Entry from two points: Elevator and stairs. Physical distancing for both.
  • Temperature checks at entry points; observe distancing as proceed through the temperature check line.
  • Show your badge, staff will check you off, and will direct you to go the classrooms when you are cleared.
  • IF you are flagged, you will be asked to separate yourself in a designated place for at least 3 minutes. Your temperature will be checked again. You will either be cleared to go to join class, or asked to visit the Student Health, your PCP, and/or go home. Your name and ID number will be recorded, and we will follow the university protocol for reporting symptomatic individuals.
  • You will receive a PPE kit on your first day back on campus. Take care of your supplies.
  • You will receive surgical masks that are to be changed every other day and a reusable face shield.  Place your mask in a paper bag (not a plastic) in between uses.
  • BE ON TIME. We will start screening at least 30 minutes before the class starts; come in early to avoid overcrowding.

  In class

  • Observe physical distancing as much as possible. High-low tables and mats are set in the rooms for small groups only.
  • Bring own equipment: APTA kits, book, laptops. No communal sharing of supplies/equipment.
  • Virtual reservation for study rooms through Google docs.  You must submit a request to access the rooms at least 24 hours prior to room use.  First come first reserve basis on room use.  Please see the summer 2020 schedule for room availability.

This is a lot to take in. The details matter and will be particularly important as we look into the fall semester. I know you must be frustrated with the many schedule changes and persistent unknowns.  Know that on our end, we are making decisions for your educational experience based on incomplete, imprecise, and ever-changing information from many sources. We will continue to respond and adapt as necessary to ensure your safety and continue your progress through the program.

I appreciate your continued patience and look forward to your participation in our efforts to keep you and our community safe.

Take care. See you shortly.

Dr. Quiben