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Core Labs Welcomes a New Team Member

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We're thrilled to introduce Dr. Janak Sunuwar as the newest addition to Core Labs, joining us as a Data Scientist/Bioinformatician. With a diverse skill set encompassing computational biology, data analytics, machine learning, and clinical bioinformatics.

Dr. Sunuwar's research portfolio is expansive, spanning antimicrobial resistance gene prediction, oncological bioinformatics, COVID-19 genomic surveillance, and the application of AI/machine learning models in healthcare. Beyond his contributions to sequencing projects and COVID-19 variant tracking, Dr. Sunuwar brings a proficiency in analyzing large scientific research datasets across various disciplines.

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Bridging Research and Diagnosis: Dr. Jack Chang Joins Forces with Histology Core 

The Histology Core is thrilled to introduce a collaboration with clinical pathologist Dr. Jack Chang, marking the launch of an innovative diagnostic consultation service. This endeavor is set to revolutionize the resources in HSC, offering researchers and healthcare professionals unprecedented access to Dr. Chang's specialized expertise in analyzing and interpreting data. Centered on anatomical and pathological findings, the service is committed to enhancing the precision and depth of diagnostic insights, effectively bridging the divide between research and clinical applications. This collaborative initiative represents a significant stride towards advancing the impact of histological analysis in both research and clinical practice. 

Unveiling Precision: Sakura CryoFlex 3 Enhances Histology Core Capabilities 

The Histology Core has recently elevated its capabilities by acquiring the state-of-the-art Sakura CryoFlex 3 Cryostat, representing a notable advancement in the facility's tissue processing abilities. This advanced instrument is designed specifically for frozen sectioning of tissues, delivering unmatched precision and efficiency in histological analyses. Boasting advanced features such as precise temperature control, a user-friendly interface, and an expanded capacity for producing high-quality frozen sections, the Sakura CryoFlex 3 emerges as an invaluable addition to the Histology Core.

The Core is now offering training programs to use the instrument. To get more information or to schedule a training, connect with us at

More information on this instrument can be found here.

Accessing UNT/TACC HPC Allocations: A Step-by-Step Guide

The University of North Texas (UNT) Denton and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) have formed a collaborative initiative aimed at offering researchers an avenue to leverage cutting-edge high-performance computing (HPC) resources. Through this partnership, UNT and HSC researchers gain access to the robust computational capabilities provided by TACC, along with user support services facilitated by the UNT Denton Research IT team.

This collaborative effort aims to empower researchers with enhanced computational resources and comprehensive assistance, fostering an environment conducive to advanced and impactful research endeavors.

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Cool Convenience: Core Labs Enhances Liquid Nitrogen Dewer Fill-Ups

Starting on November 1st, 2023, requests for liquid nitrogen dewer fill-ups will be channeled through the iLab service request platform overseen by Core Labs. This transition streamlines the process, eliminates paperwork, and enhances efficiency. Researchers can now request liquid nitrogen with a few clicks and reduce administrative burdens. Order tracking features provide transparency on the status of requests. Moreover, this shift towards a paperless workflow contributes to a more sustainable research environment. Core Labs will ensure that the pursuit of liquid nitrogen remains unhindered.