How do I get my registration discount?

  • If and when a registration discount is part of our negotiated partnership with an authorized race event, you will be given a UNTHSC specific code prior to registration. This will discount payment upon registration completion. The discount is not a guaranteed perk of membership in Team HSC. We will do our best to offer you one or two over the course of the year.

Why are we doing this?

  • HSC staff and students are passionate individuals. Many of them showcase this passion by being physically active during non-work hours and in supporting local charities with their time and talents. As part of the values journey and a way to highlight our servant culture, Team HSC offers support, motivation, and comradery. In addition, athletic outreach teams offer an opportunity for key messaging on community health to be delivered in a unique way.

How will I benefit from participating?

  • Team HSC offers you a network of like-minded people, improved communication on upcoming active opportunities, training in being a brand ambassador, and possible discounts on race registrations.

What do team captains do? How much time is required?

  • Team captains are event specific. There is a 3 month time-frame for organizing support. The time commitment is self-regulated and dependent on external partnerships with charities or race officials.

Some basic Team Captain Responsibilities may include:

  • Event Day logistics support
  • Recruiting athletes from Team HSC, handling registrations and helping raise funds for external charity if applicable.
  • Be a liaison with external charity and HSC Office of Community Relations.
  • Meet with Community Relations at least three months before the event to organize support and verify event and communication plans.

Can my family members participate?

  • Family members are welcome to actively run or cycle with Team HSC members, but will not at this time be offered the benefits of jerseys, discounts, or added communications. We plan to engage families after the program has been in existence for one year.

What if something happens that prevents me from participating in two events in a given year?

  • Communication with the Office of Community Relations will be key. We will work with injured or emergent needs of Team HSC members to resolve non-compliance.

What if I damage my UNTHSC jersey?

  • Replacements are available for $15 at the Office of Community Relations (EAD 815). Minimum size supplies will be kept on hand. If we do not have a needed size, orders will take a minimum of 2 months to process.

I know of a charity doing a cycling or run/walk fundraiser. Can this event be included in the roster of authorized HSC Athletic Teams events?

  • Potentially, please email Jennifer Nanni at jennifer.nanni@unthsc.edu and your request will be reviewed by the Office of Community and Alumni Relations. The review process includes coordination with the external charity/race officials and will be subject to some of the same rigor of the HSC Values-driven vendor relations policies.