Community Partners

For over 40 years, UNT Health Science Center has been an accelerator for non-profits, research programs and community service. We are passionate about new idea generation, collaborative teamwork, and growth around Fort Worth that builds solutions for health.


UNTHSC is a founding partner and currently houses the staff support for the non-profit home of FitWorth, Foundation for Wellness, Texas.
Obesity affects our city’s vitality, productivity, and economic growth. Too many of our kids are overweight, inactive, and being diagnosed with preventable illnesses at unprecedented rates. FitWorth is an active campaign designed to create a culture of wellness through physical activity and mindful eating. Together, with the support of the mayor’s office, local business leaders, educators, retailers, and families, we’re creating an environment of health and happiness that will serve our community for years to come.

Fort Worth Safe Communities Coalition

UNTHSC co-lead application for the Safe Community designation and currently supports efforts through staff resources.
The Fort Worth Safe Communities Coalition brings together more than 130 people representing more than 50 organizations sharing the work to promote safety and prevent injuries in Fort Worth, Texas.  In February 2013, Fort Worth, Texas, was designated the 300th Safe Community world-wide, the 22nd Safe Community in the US, and the 2nd Safe Community in Texas.

The Cowtown

Thirty seven years of rich heritage with UNT Health Science Center as a founding partner, the Cowtown is proud to be the largest multi-race event in the State of Texas. Offering opportunities for the entire family to participate as a runner or cheerleader, the Cowtown has become an icon and a tradition. Each year, UNT Health Science Center physicians help manage the entire medical response team for the race. Students from all five schools staff a health fair at the two-day expo that offers health checks, OMM, and PT assessments for balance and agility.

The Health Industry Council

HIC Foundation
UNTHSC provides staff resources to support the efforts of this diverse industry group that for more than two decades has served as a neutral forum for networking, education and strategic issues management. Current focus for the foundation is to improve thought leadership in the areas of inter-professional practice, patient-centered care, and post discharge transitions.


As a founding partner, UNTHSC continues to provide support and office/lab space for staff at TECH Fort Worth.  TECH Fort Worth is a non-profit organization that has been helping entrepreneurs launch and grow emerging technology companies since 1998. We identify entrepreneurs and startup companies with technologies that have a high potential for success in the marketplace and mentor, coach, and relentlessly push them toward success.