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Study Breaks and Music

Want to Make your Studying Less Stressful?  Consider some of the below tips and resources!


Stress Free Study Sounds


Guitar on Chair


Music while studying has been proven to ease student stress, reduce test anxiety, AND improve performance and focus. Whether its a virtual coffeeshop, classical music, or white noise there is something for everyone! We can also create shared playlist with each other.  Consider commenting with some of your favorite music to study with in our discussion board on the introductory page!


Classical Music and Music Without Words

Classical Music for Brain Power (Mozart)

Bach Study Music Playlist

Lofi hip hop radio- beats to relax/study to

Binaural Beats Study Music – Improve Memory and Concentration

432Hz Miracle Tone – Raise Positive Vibrations (Positive Energy Boost)


Background Noise

Coffeeshop Background Noise

Forest Waterfall Nature Sounds

White Noise for Homework & School


Music has been associated with improvement in many medical conditions such as anxiety, pain, and stress.  Consider the top 10 songs proven to reduce anxiety!

Spotify Playlist of top 10 songs: public playlist

“Weightless”: free 10-hour version



Creative Study Breaks


Creative breaks including participation in art, cooking, and other activities can be used as a vessel for reducing stress or anxiety. The following links provide an opportunity to delve into creativity!  Links include coloring pages, follow-along painting videos, fun recipes, and relaxing cooking videos. There is even a virtual bitmoji dream relaxation room ready for you to create!


Coloring book with colored pencils


Coloring Pages for Adults

It's A Good Day To Have A Better DayKindness Is ContagiousMental Health Matters

Positive Bubblewords Coloring

Keep Calm and Believe in Yourself Coloring

Today is Going to be Awesome Coloring

Mandala Meditation Music to Find the Unconscious Self- Art Therapy 


Art for Anxiety – Need Colored Pencils or Oil Pastels

Bob Ross- The Joy of Painting Complete Playlist

Student Holding Original Drawing


Online Games and Puzzles

Playing games and solving puzzles can be a fun way to wind down or take time to relax after studying for endless hours. Continuing to stimulate the mind, but on a mindless avenue.


Online Gamer


Online card games


Spider Solitaire

Free Cell Solitaire


Free Online Games

10 Relaxing Games to Play Online to Help Chill You Out





Make your Virtual Bitmoji Dream Relaxation Room and share it with us in the discussion board! How to Create a Virtual Bitmoji Classroom in Google Slides or PowerPoint

Wellness Bitmoji