College of Pharmacy


Culinary Relaxation

Here are some opportunities to find recipes, share recipes, and watch cooking videos. Many students have voiced that they find peace that comes with cooking or baking. This idea is to help provide healthy alternative meals while making it fun for them to have a getaway from our everyday stressful lives.



Gourmet Homemade Dish



Calming Drinks To Help You Relax At Night

Tea Drink with Night Fruit



Like to cook and looking for some recipes for your extended time at home?  Consider some Cooking Recipes


Sandwich wrap with fries




Ramen dish


Students With Food And Treats Students With Hispanic Inspired Treats


50 Baking Recipes To Help You Through

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies



Looking for some soothing YouTube cooking channels? Check out: Peaceful Cuisine, Silently Cooking



If there is a particular recipe you enjoyed, or you have additional channels or websites that you love – don’t forget to share in our discussion post on the introductory page!