College of Pharmacy

Staff Spotlight – Austin and Casandra Luna

HSC couple follows student journey, from applicant to alumni

Who has a guaranteed commute buddy, daily lunch date, and a built-in best friend at work? That would be one of our College of Pharmacy couples, Austin and Casandra Luna, who have workedAustin And Casandra 2021 Crop together for the past six years at HSC.

As Recruitment and Admissions Associate, Casandra welcomes the new class each year and hands them over to the SEAS team, which includes Austin, Senior Program Manager, who interacts with students the remainder of their PharmD journey.

They met at undergraduate orientation in their hometown of San Antonio in 2007 and married 11 years later in Miami, Florida.

Austin and Casandra shared what they enjoy most about working together:

  • Due to our positions, we have more insight into the student journey from applicant to alumni.
  • Casandra works with students for months on their applications. It’s rewarding to hear from Austin that they are flourishing in the program.
  • It’s easy to connect and assist one another with projects or lend a helping hand.
  • We get to have lunch together every day.
  • We only have to purchase one parking pass, save on gas, and have a commute buddy!
  • We always answer “Yes” on the Gallup question – Do you have a best friend at work?