Outcomes Research

Researchers in the HSC College of Pharmacy engage in research to address pharmacy practice and innovative practice models.Unthsc Pharmacy Walgreens 001

Through clinical practice and translational research, the focus is to enhance patient care practice models, assess medication use, and promote adherence by examining the impact of medication therapy management. The College of Pharmacy also conduct outcomes research studies in pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, patient-centered care, and large database analyses to improve patient health outcomes.

Additionally, the research team is involved in evaluating the impact of policies on healthcare systems and communities, with an emphasis on understanding health disparities. Faculty also provide expertise in pharmacometrics studies to guide drug dosing during clinical trials and assist with pharmaceutical regulatory decisions.

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Related Academic Programs

HSC College of Pharmacy offers a Certificate in Applied Health Outcomes Research and a Master of Science, Applied Outcomes Research. which may both be completed 100% online in one year.


For more information about clinical, translational and outcomes research in the HSC College of Pharmacy, contact:

Usha Sambamoorthi, PhD

Associate Dean of Outcomes Research