Educational Research/Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Escape RoomThe HSC College of Pharmacy is actively engaged in research to understand and improve optimal learning outcomes for students. Current research projects comprise a wide range of teaching and learning outcomes including enhancing student learning through creative teaching approaches, developing self-confidence and self-appraisal, examining metacognition and self-authorship among pharmacy students, and promoting student well-being and stress reduction.

Several creative teaching methods are being investigated including use of podcasts to prepare students for clinical rotations, using patients as teachers to promote interprofessional cultural responsiveness, incorporating interactive escape room activities into student learning, and incorporating clinical debates into pharmacy education.

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Related Academic Programs

HSC College of Pharmacy offers a Post-Graduate Teaching and Learning Certificate Program

This practice-based education program is based on ASHP residency standards and consists of seminars, teaching experience, precepting experience, and developing a teaching portfolio. The primary goal of the Teaching and Learning Program (TLP) is for participants, through practice, to develop skills required to participate in an academic setting.


For more information about Educational Research/Scholarship of Teaching & Learning research in the HSC College of Pharmacy, contact:

Hae Jin Cho, PharmD

Principal Investigator of HSC College of Pharmacy Educational Research Omnibus IRB | 817-735-0115