Pharmacy legend shares keys to success with students

November 9, 2020 • Uncategorized

What better way to kick off Pharmacy Week this year than with sage advice and wisdom from a legend in the pharmacy community, Dr. Tom Menighan, former EVP and CEO of the American Pharmacists Menighan Lincoln 2019Association. Dr. Menighan’s work over the past 50+ years has been groundbreaking, forward thinking and visionary.

During his webinar, Your Future Through My Rearview Mirror, he touched on how the evolving tools and technologies in pharmacy will open up many new opportunities for pharmacists in the future. “Pharmacists are poised to contribute to every sector of health care,” Dr. Menighan said. “Jobs will increasingly become less traditional.”

“COVID has changed all of our lives,” he added. “Telehealth is going to expand exponentially moving forward along with digital therapeutics and biometrics. All of these things are in place today, not widely adopted yet, but the day will come when you connect with patients via telehealth. But I don’t think face-to-face human contact will ever go away permanently.”

Dr. Menighan also encouraged lifelong learning, professional networking, mentoring others and finding your own mentor.

Pharmacy Student Government Association leaders were selected for an exclusive Leadership Roundtable with Dr. Menighan, where he encouraged students to build their network, ask lots of questions, and be humble.

He also emphasized the importance of “soft” skills and finding happiness in your career and in life. “Live life with gratitude and an attitude of service,” he said. “You have choices. You can make your practice what you choose to make it.”