Pharmacy faculty recognized for innovative assessment

January 9, 2023 • Uncategorized

2023 Innovation Assessment Winners Horiz

Assessment is an integral component of higher education. The HSC College of Pharmacy Assessment Committee recently recognized faculty members and teams for innovative teaching and assessment practices.

Imagine playing a Harry Potter-themed Kahoot! game that doubles as an exam review or allowing students to create their own adventures as a learning tool. These innovative ideas are making an impact in the classroom, and the following pharmacy education leaders are taking assessment to the next level.


HSC College of Pharmacy Innovative Assessment Honorees

Most Innovative Assessment Award 

Dr. Ashlyn Aguiniga and Dr. Meredith Howard (not pictured)

Implementation of Create-Your-Own-Adventure (CYOA) Activities


Most Impactful Assessment Award 

Dr. Adenike Atanda, Dr. Lisa Killam-Worrall and Dr. Emanuel George (not pictured)

Implementation of an OSCE to Assess Comprehensive Diabetes Care Management Skills among Third Year Pharmacy Students


Most Transferable Assessment Award 

Dr. Ashlyn Aguiniga

Block 1 Exam Review: PHAR 7234 Dermatology & Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat IPT


Most Impactful Assessment Award Honorable Mention 

HSCCP DDD Programs Committee (Dr. Eric Cheng, Dr. Kyle Emmitte, Dr. Tina Machu, and Dr. Jerry Simecka, not pictured) Design and Implementation of Assessment Tools for the Drug Discovery and Development Programs


Special Assessment Nominator Award 

Dr. Elizabeth Hearn