Patrick G. Clay, PharmD

Patrick G. Clay, PharmD

Professor of Pharmacotherapy

Education & experience:

I received formal training in the field of pharmacy with a BPharm from the University of Louisiana-Monroe and a PharmD from the University of Oklahoma. I completed an Infectious Diseases Residency and a Fellowship in Pharmacotherapy of Infectious Diseases & Clinical Research through the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center’s Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine. Prior to joining College of Pharmacy, I held the positions of Associate Professor of Pharmacology/Microbiology and Director of Clinical Research at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. I have also had academic experience as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Pharmacy. I have held adjunct academic appointments with University of Kansas, St. Louis University and Creighton University schools of pharmacy.

Teaching areas & interests in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences:

Historically, I have provided instruction in the classroom setting focused in the area of infectious diseases. An emphasis has been on treatment of viral infections, acute, chronic and the complications that ensue due to the toxicity of the armamentarium of antivirals and vaccines in use and the discovery process. Outside this narrow therapeutic area but still in the didactic arena, I have taught and coordinated pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy and clinical research courses. In the clinical setting, I have served as primary preceptor or mentor for every year of pharmacy, medical and nursing student up and including post-doctoral trainees (across each of these disciplines). While most have been single or episodic periods, numerous times I mentored an individual candidate over a prolonged training period toward achievement of a desired outcome (Masters degree or publication of research project). Professionally, I have provided hundreds of instructional sessions. These have been delivered to every level of healthcare practitioner and researcher from local meetings through international conferences. Personal satisfaction has also come from being highly sought to provide education for patients, ancillary healthcare providers, and caregiver and disease support groups.

Professional activities & awards:

I have been elected by peers to leadership positions within national, regional and local professional organizations to include receiving recognition for contributions to the advancement of clinical pharmacy via designation as Fellow by ACCP. I have been selected to serve as voting member of the FDA’s Antiviral Advisory Committee and as Science Officer for the largest pharmacist organization in the world. Further evidence of peer recognition includes serving on various interdisciplinary healthcare task forces addressing matters such as workforce issues and linkages to care, and NIH/NIAID and CDC contract and grant review panels as well as private granting bodies.

Scholarly Interests:

I maintain national certification as a clinical trial investigator through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals and routinely invited to speak on the scientific, clinical and technical merits of clinical research. My research (over 60 clinical trials serving as sole Principal Investigator) has primarily been in the field of antiretrovirals (anti-HIV medicines) but has also included influenza, hepatitis, and numerous other primary care conditions (diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and COPD). My research pursuits remain primarily in the conduct of clinical trials involving new and experimental antiviral medications with an emphasis on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessments as well as mechanisms by which tolerability or optimization of outcomes can be achieved. Though not always senior faculty mentor, historically I have always engaged collaborative and interdisciplinary teams to achieve results beyond that achievable by single perspectives.

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