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Q: How do I complete an application for the UNT System College of Pharmacy?
A: Complete an application on PharmCAS Read all instructions on the PharmCAS website very carefully and fill out everything you are asked to complete.  If possible, print all instructions to have them readily available.  PharmCAS is the repository for all required transcripts, PCAT scores and letters of recommendation.

Before you apply go to: Preparing to Apply

Q: Where do I send my PCAT scores?
A:  PCAT score transmission instructions are contained in the PharmCAS application instructions.

Q:  Where do I send my letters of recommendation?
A:  Templates for Letters of recommendation are provided by PharmCAS. Transmission instructions are contained in the PharmCAS application instructions.

Q: Who can send letters of recommendation on my behalf?
A:  Letters of recommendation must be from a person, who can comment on your academic, volunteer, and/or employment experiences and attributes. Letters of recommendation from friends and family members will not be accepted and may result in an incomplete application. See Admission Requirements.

Q: Where do I send my transcripts?
A:  Transcript(s) transmission instructions are contained in the PharmCAS application instructions.

Q:  I am having technical issues with PharmCAS, what do I do?
A:  Contact PharmCAS directly.  Contact information is given on the PharmCAS application instructions.



This page was last modified on May 23, 2017