DEI Speaker Series – When the Warrior Returns: An Exploration into Veteran Culture & Life

March 25, 2022 • Uncategorized

As a combat veteran and psychoanalyst, Mike Kim has helped veterans through war trauma and veteran readjustment for nearly three decades. Join us for an up-close andMike Kim Image personal session exploring veteran culture and life on April 7, 3 pm via Zoom.

Mike Kim

Combat Veteran | Psychoanalyst 

Former Monk | War Trauma Counselor

Mike Kim is a psychoanalyst, ex-monk, combat veteran and retired US Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Center site director/lead war trauma readjustment counselor. W ith more than 20,000 clinical hours in facilitating war trauma therapy, he has helped veterans, active/reserve military personnel and their families since the early 1990’s.

Kim’s military service goes back to 1986, and he intermittently served in the U.S. military through 2009. He is a graduate of Norwich University – The Military College of Vermont, Yale University, and the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma.

Mike Kim is a public intellectual in the veteran terrain. He has published, performed and lectured in diverse academic and popular culture domains. He researches war trauma/readjustment and veteran/military culture from an interdisciplinary cultural studies approach at Teachers College, Columbia University as a doctoral candidate. Google “Mike Kim Veteran” to learn more about war and veteran culture.

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