College of Pharmacy announces 2021 Outstanding Achievement honorees in Clinical Care and Research

October 11, 2021 • Uncategorized

HSC College of Pharmacy recently announced the 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award recipients for Clinical Care and Research – Dr. Megan Wesling and Dr. Dimitrios Karamichos.

The annual awards celebrate faculty and staff for their substantial, impactful, and deliberate achievements that emphasize innovation and UNTHSC values in the areas of teaching, research, clinical care and service. The awards for Outstanding Service and Teaching were presented in 2020.


Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Care – Megan Wesling, PharmD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacist at HSC Health Family Medicine ClinicWesling 2021 Clinical Care Award

Dr. Wesling, nominated for her outstanding dedication to patient care and service, excels in all the areas highlighted by this award, including innovation, outcomes, collaboration, teaching-related effort, and teaching-related professional development.

The Award Task Force praised Dr. Wesling for developing “collaborations with various providers to create and implement multiple protocols for refill authorization, immunizations, and emergency response in the face of COVID-19.”

In addition to teaching, Dr. Wesling mentors a variety of students and residents on rotations while collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and providers. She consistently maintains patient satisfaction survey scores in the in the 90th percentile on “provider would recommend”. One patient even highlighted her as “the best doctor they have ever had”.

Dr. Wesling also helped pilot a new program within HSC Health for reversing diabetes and has played a role in the advancement of pharmacy-related billing in the outpatient setting.

Karamichos 2021 Research Award


Outstanding Achievement in Research – Dimitrios Karamichos, PhD, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director of Research, HSC North Texas Eye Research Institute

Dr. Karamichos is an established researcher who has made substantial, impactful and innovative achievements at HSC.

The Awards Task Force recognized Dr. Karamichos for his extensive research productivity and collaborative nature.

“He has an international reputation as an expert in his field with invited seminars at international, national, and regional symposiums and meetings, is a standing study section member at NIH, and provides editorial service in multiple journals,” the Task Force added.

Dr. Karamichos fosters collaborations across HSC (within the College of Pharmacy, Institute for Translational Research, NTERI and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) and on external national and international projects, resulting in multiple external grants and publications.

He also works closely with numerous programs to mentor a range of students, including undergraduate students, medical students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.