Black History Month Spotlight: Dr. Kelvan Lawrence, Jr.

February 28, 2022 • Uncategorized

Kelvan Lawrence Jr, PharmD, BCPS

20220216 102102

Clinical Pharmacist

HSC College of Pharmacy, Class of 2019

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia


What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month indicates a time of the year that I pay homage to African American leaders that have paved the way for my heritage to be equals amongst all races and cultures. On this month I focus on providing my sons with the history of the great individuals that fought for our rights and allowed for African Americans to be accepted in society.


How are you inspired by your heritage in your work, studies or endeavors?

I am inspired by my heritage when I see the diversity and amount of African American healthcare professionals that I interact with daily.  There was a time when African Americans were not even allowed to attend school.  Now we live in a time where the African American heritage is within all professions and able to practice at the highest level.


What is your proudest moment in your career? My proudest moment in my career was being able to tell my son that his father is a doctor of pharmacy after my graduation.  This was my proudest moment because my son was born two months before I began pharmacy school. I was able to survive the dual stress of being a pharmacy student and a new father.  Even with a very busy schedule during this time, I graduated with a good GPA and matched in a very competitive residency program.


Who inspires you in Black Health and Wellness and why?

I have a lot of role models within Black Health and Wellness. There are individuals that I have known since pharmacy school like Dr. George (Associate dean/professor) and Dr. Anderson (preceptor/pharmacy manager). Also, there are individuals that I have met in my professional career like Dr. Martin (director of pharmacy) and Dr. Obi (pharmacy manager/PIC). All these individuals are not only African American pharmacists, but they are in leadership roles. Their amazing professional careers and ability to excel in their positions will pave the way for more individuals within our race to pursue these top roles within pharmacy.