Annual awards highlight important role of preceptors

July 25, 2020 • Uncategorized

by Arnessa Blanks

HSC College of Pharmacy recognized five preceptors, nominated by students and selected by the Preceptor Committee, during the virtual annual awards in June.

Nolan Toups Picture
Nolan Toups, PharmD, BCPS

Preceptors were recognized for their ability to demonstrate excellence, to act as a role model, and to exhibit commitment to guiding our students. To be eligible, each preceptor had to serve as the primary preceptor for at least one College of Pharmacy student for the 2019-2020 academic year.

“Our preceptors give the students countless opportunities to apply, practice and refine their skills and knowledge,” said Dr. Lisa Killam-Worrall, Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Associate Dean for Pharmacy Curriculum. “I wish we could recognize every preceptor with an award for what they do to further develop our students into practice ready pharmacists. Our preceptors make our program and our students better!”

Nolan Toups, PharmD, BCPS, was selected as the APPE Preceptor of the Year. Dr. Toups is over the APPE Elective Transitions of Care rotation and works at Medical City Arlington as an emergency department pharmacist.

“Dr. Toups really pushed me to learn and get out of my comfort zone.  He made sure all assignments were beneficial and facilitated learning,” said a student nominator. “He made sure I had the best learning experience.”

Dr. Toups enjoyed seeing the students grow within the 6-week rotations and looks forward to seeing their success outside of the classroom.

Amulya Tatachar, PharmD, BCACP, received the APPE Faculty Preceptor of the Year award.  “The ability to work directly with students to see their growth from the beginning to the end of rotation is the most rewarding aspect of being a preceptor,” she said.

Bonnie Woody, PharmD, was selected as the IPPE Community Preceptor of the Year. Dr. Woody is a pharmacist at Tom Thumb Pharmacy in Fort Worth.

“Her dedication to her work, patients and staff is indicative of a truly amazing healthcare provider and person,” said a student nominator.

Jessica Schillig
Jessica Schillig, PharmD, BCPS

Jessica Schillig, PharmD, BCPS, was selected as the IPPE Hospital Preceptor of the Year. She works at Medical City Fort Worth as a pharmacist and clinical manager.

Dr. Schillig was recognized for her ability to lead with objectivity, thoroughness and confidence.

“When IPPE students’ progress to requesting an APPE rotation at my facility or APPE students move on to residency, it makes me feel proud and accomplished that I was able to play a small role in their learning and success,” she said.

Fay Chan, PharmD, also won IPPE Hospital Preceptor of the Year. She is an infectious disease pharmacist at Medical City Fort Worth.

Dr. Chan brought enthusiasm and passion to her rotations that helped her students step out of their comfort zone. She is known to keep up with her students’ years after graduating from the program.

“I hope to set a good example for students to one day become preceptors themselves, ultimately empowering them to elevate our dynamic pharmacy profession,” she said. “The mark that you as a preceptor leave can impact the student’s entire professional trajectory.”

2020 Preceptor Award Recipients

Fay Chan, PharmD, Medical City Fort Worth- IPPE Hospital Preceptor of the Year

Jessica Schillig, PharmD, BCPS, Medical City Fort Worth- IPPE Hospital Preceptor of the Year

Amulya Tatachar, PharmD, BCACP – APPE Faculty Preceptor of the Year

Nolan Toups, PharmD, BCPS, Medical City Arlington- APPE Preceptor of the Year

Bonnie Woody, PharmD, Tom Thumb Pharmacy- IPPE Community Preceptor of the Year