Strategic Plan

Image of professors putting white coats on students

MOTTO:   “We make healthcare better”

The UNTHSC College of Pharmacy vision is to be an extraordinary team committed to a culture of excellence, innovation, equity, and collaboration to improve health.


PURPOSE:  Transform lives in order to improve the lives of others.

VISION:  To be an extraordinary team committed to a culture of excellence, innovation, equity, and collaboration to improve health.

MISSION:   Create solutions for a healthier community by developing patient centered pharmacy professionals, promoting team healthcare, and optimizing health through discovery.


COURAGEOUS INTEGRITY: Model exceptional standards and act in the best interest of our community.

BE CURIOUS: Cultivate opportunities for learning, creating, discovering, and innovating.

WE CARE: Champion a people-first approach to building relationships and community.

BETTER TOGETHER: Foster an inclusive environment of respect, belonging, and access for all.

SHOW YOUR FIRE: Exhibit passion and pride in the experiences we create.

MOTTO:   “We make healthcare better”

Our motto reflects the increasing contribution to healthcare that can be provided by pharmacists trained in the highly inter-professional and primary care environment present at the UNTHSC.  This also extends to the contribution that our faculty and graduates will make to develop new and more effective pharmacotherapy.


  1. To produce highly competent pharmacy professionals for the provision of pharmacist-delivered patient care, including comprehensive medication therapy management services, the advancement of the practice of pharmacy and its contributions to society.
  2. To produce pharmacy professionals who fully understand the contributions to health care of other health professionals, who embrace and can function in a team approach to health care, and who can serve as effective partners in providing primary care services to improve the health and wellbeing of their
  3. To conduct and disseminate research and other scholarly activity that improves the maintenance of health and delivery of health care in Texas and
  4. To prepare graduates with life-long learning skills so they continue to extend their competence through accredited continuing professional education, evidence-based learning and utilizing clinical guidelines in their
  5. To create a culture of assessment wherein education, research, practice and outreach are continually examined for optimization of



INDICATORS we are fulfilling our mission and accomplishing our goals include:

  • Graduates and residents are exemplary, confident and essential team healthcare members.
  • Benchmarks for team healthcare are elevated.
  • UNTHSC-based enterprises are transformed and expanded through integration of pharmacists into team healthcare delivery.
  • Faculty, trainees and graduates proactively forge strategic partnerships to advance healthcare.
  • Publications, presentations, patents, and documented improvements in education, practice, therapy and outcomes (economic, clinical, humanistic and scientific)
  • Entrepreneurial activity of the College to promote sustainability.

ACTIONS to facilitate fulfilling our mission and accomplishing our goals include:

  • Promoting and living our values-based culture.
  • Developing all team members to excel as professionals, educators, clinicians and scholars by maximizing their skills, abilities and impact.
  • Delivering effective and innovative educational programs.
  • Capitalizing on unique opportunities of the Health Science Center for inter-professional education.
  • Advancing our research agenda.
  • Creating and implementing innovative health care delivery models.
  • Developing partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances.