PharmD Admissions

Elrodandstudents “The aspect that helped me pick the UNT System College of Pharmacy is the fact that the curriculum is set up to train me to not only be a pharmacist, but to also be a functioning member of the health care team. It helps us build teamwork and learn to work for the betterment of our future patients”

Robert Hawkins (Class of 2017)

The UNT System College of Pharmacy produces professionals who embrace a team-based approach in caring for patients. We keep patients at the center of our efforts in education, research and care by engaged learning with frequent practice. Our educational model is to:

  • Acquire new knowledge
  • Apply knowledge to solve problems
  • Communicate solutions to patients
  • Prepare for learning before each class session
  • Find ways to improve every day.



This page was last modified on July 12, 2019