Pharmaceutical Science Team

Kyle Emmitte, PhD Kyle Emmitte, PhD, Associate Professor &  Chair Tina Machu, PhD Tina Machu, PhD, Professor
cheng_1 Eric Cheng, PhD, Professor ihp Iok-Hou Pang, PhD, Professor & Chair
dong  Xiaowei Dong, PhD, Assistant Professor simecka Jerry W Simecka, PhD,  Professor
ellis Dorette Ellis, PhD, Associate Professor slovin Eliot M. Slovin, PhD , Associate Professor
 Jacobson  Myron Jacobson, PhD, Adjunct Professor wang Yu-Chieh Wang, PhD, Assistant Professor
Johnson_sarah Sarah Johnson, MHA, Assistant to the Chair weiss William J Weiss, MS, Instructor
 comingsoon Michail Kastellorizios, PhD, Assistant Professor wu Catherine Wu, PhD, Assistant Professor
Liu Jin Liu, PhD, Assistant Professor IMG_1824_1 Liang-Jun Yan, PhD, Professor



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