Clinical Research and Therapeutic Outcomes

Dr. Ayyappa Chaturvedula Research Program

Current Research Aims


Drug Delivery Research

  • In vivo methods: Pharmacokinetic studies, Dermal and subcutaneous microdialysis, Chronometer and TEWL
  • In vitro methods: Diffusion studies using Franz Cells, Various skin models, Buccal models, Analysis of drug content using HPLC/LC-MS methods
  • Pharmacometrics Research: Development of population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic models, Application of PBPK approach for predicting absorption, Development of IVIVC models, Development of mechanistic models for parent-metabolite pharmacokinetics, modeling adherence to medications
Ayyappa Chaturvedula

Dr. Annesha White Research Program

Current Research Aims

  • Design of studies to address issues in the health services research arena.
  • Areas of focus: Medicare, Geriatrics, Managed Care, Pharmacoeconomics, Outcomes Research.
  • Focus on a variety of disease states, such as heart disease, chronic pain and ESRD with the goal of providing care that is balanced in quality and cost.

Cost Effective Novel Therapies – Chronic Kidney Disease & Hyperphosphatemia

On-going Goals

  • Continue to design projects for the improvement of care for chronic kidney disease patients, specifically targeting novel therapies to treat hyperphosphatemia.
  • Partner with existing organizations to develop educational/research opportunities focusing on pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.
  • Develop studies to support inter-professional approaches to the safe delivery of patient care.