Lead Optimization

Dr. Yi-Qiang (Eric) Cheng Research Program

Current Research Aims

Bioactive natural products discovery from microorganisms and medicinal plants

For treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, and aging-related conditions


Genomics-Guided Discovery of Bioactive Natural Products

On-going Goals

Metabolic engineering to improve natural product yields

Push promising drug candidates along the drug R&D pathway

Identify additional uses of these compounds

Discover and develop more bioactive natural products


 Dr. Kyle Emmitte Research Program

Current Research Aims

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Design of bioactive small molecules for probing potential drug targets

Optimization of physiochemical pharmacological, and DMPK properties

Kyle Emmitte, PhD

Negative Allosteric Modulators of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Subtype 5

On-going Goals

Build collaborations with pharmacologists and DMPK scientists interested in small molecule probe and drug discovery

Design and optimize novel small molecules to answer important questions related to unmet medical needs, especially in neuroscience and oncology research


Dr. Jin Liu Research Program

Current Research Aims

Biomolecular simulations: To understand how brain cells communicate

Computer-aided allosteric drug development:  For treatment of cancer and neurological diseases


Design Allosteric Modulators of alpha7-nAChR for Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment 

On-going Goals

Elucidate mechanism of neurotransmitter release machinery

Develop 3D cancer allo-networks

Establish collaborations for allosteric drug development


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