Charles Taylor, PharmD

TaylorProvost and EVP of Academic Affairs,

Dean, System College of Pharmacy


My Purpose:

My purpose is to ensure our neighbors, families and communities live healthier, better lives.

Thoughts on Leadership:

I seek to build and leverage trusting relationships within and across teams to achieve a thriving community with a shared vision, mission, and core values. The following principles serve as my compass to envision, engage and execute solutions to achieve meaningful, enduring and mission-centric results:

  • Set clear expectations
  • Listen actively and respectfully to first understand
  • Communicate effectively, openly, constructively and often
  • Focus on the positive and the creation of solutions
  • Motivate others and seek to be personally involved
  • Collaborate enthusiastically and respectfully
  • Celebrate the strengths and achievements of others
  • Strive for excellence, seek meaningful change and promote sustainability
  • Create bold and lasting partnerships that lead to meaningful outcomes
  • Inspire transformational leaders to make the world a healthier place


I joined UNT Health Science Center in June 2017 as the Dean of the UNT System College of Pharmacy. I have had the honor of serving over the past two decades in various leadership roles including as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College of Pharmacy at Northeast Ohio Medical University, Senior Associate Dean at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, Department Chair of Pharmacy Practice and Associate Dean at St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Vice Chair of Pharmacy Practice at Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy. I earned Bachelor of Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from Auburn University, completed post-graduate residency training at Duke University Medical Center and a certificate in management development at Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

I am excited to work interprofessionally to deliver the pharmacist of the future, enhance the patient’s medication experience, and promote discovery of better treatment options for society. Our college was purposefully built on our values and driven to discover better solutions to advance care by uniquely positioning pharmacists to be part of the health care and research teams. I look forward to collaboratively advancing this as One University in enduring, meaningful ways.

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