Ayyappa Chaturvedula, PhD, FCP

Ayyappa Chaturvedula

Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy


Education & Experience:

I completed my Bachelors in Pharmacy from the University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UCPSC), Kakatiya University, India. I completed my PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Mercer University, Atlanta, GA. I worked for pharmaceutical industry as a product development scientist and clinical pharmacokineticist before moving to academia. I received advanced training in pharmacometrics as a visiting scientist in the department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, School of Pharmacy, University of California San Francisco, in association with the Center for Drug Development Science (CDDS).

Teaching Areas & Interests: 

Due to my mixed experiences in drug delivery and pharmacokinetics over the past few years, I teach variety of courses in graduate programs. I have experience in mentoring graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. I teach pharmacokinetics to both PhD and PharmD students. I have experience in teaching drug delivery aspects in pharmaceutics courses mainly in the areas of transdermal, buccal and nasal drug administration. I have given lectures on population pharmacokinetics at national and international meetings.

Professional Activities & Awards:

I have been actively involved in professional societies such as American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP) and American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT) and American Conference of Pharmacometrics over past few years. I serve as a member of Education Committee of ACCP and moderated several symposia and virtual journal club activities. I served as co-Chair for the 2014 annual meeting planning committee of ACCP held in Atlanta, GA. I have been awarded a fellow member status in ACCP (Fellow Clinical Pharmacology, FCP) in 2016.

Scholarly Interests:

My current research interests are in the area of drug delivery and pharmacometrics. I have extensive experience in conducting in vitro and in vivo research experiments for the developing pharmaceutical products delivering drugs via skin, buccal or nasal membranes. I have extensive experience in developing population pharmacokinetics model from clinical trials using nonlinear mixed effects methodology. I use these pharmacostatistical models to understand the exposure and exposure-response relationships of drugs. I have experience in developing mechanistic mathematical models to describe parent-metabolite kinetics in human studies. My current research grants are focused on applying pharmacometrics models to understand adherence, pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics of medications used for pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV.