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Pharmacy Alumni Spotlights

Read about UNT System College of Pharmacy alumni, their favorite school experiences, and the career paths they have taken.

Kiara Jasmine

Kiara Fairman, PharmD

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Current Role/Location: Postdoctoral Fellow, National Center for Toxicological Research – Jefferson, AR

Why did you choose UNTSCP? Initially because of location. Then upon interviewing and being admitted to the college of pharmacy, I found it to be extremely welcoming, supportive, and diverse. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and the friends I made.

Favorite experience from my PharmD student journey: My favorite experience was participating in the various student organizations with my peers and being active by volunteering and using the skills that I learned in pharmacy school in the DFW community.

One example of how I use my UNTSCP education in my role: I participated in the summer research program (PDRT) and also in an elective research in the area of pharmacometrics. Truly this experience helped me to continue in this research and resulted in attending conferences which was key to networking. Networking in the conference environment directly led me into my current position. I use the skills that I learned from the research experience daily, as I actively program and use the modeling techniques. I also use my pharmacy expertise and drug knowledge and am able to guide research interest in the clinical realm.

What has surprised me most about my pharmacy career journey: I have a research background and thought that pharmacy school, with the right mentors and experiences, would continue me on that path. However, in pharmacy school I found a great pleasure in serving patients and serving the underserved. This gives me a desire, even now, to break from the research periodically and participate in patient care.

Describe a typical day: I have an almost completely computer based daily routine outside of conferences and seminars. I start with emails, then work daily on developing and refining physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models of various human states (i.e. healthy, pregnant). I refine these models by finding literature that can validate the physiological and chemical parameters. I also work on how these PBPK models can be used as a regulatory tool in evaluating other models.

Another great aspect of my position is that I get to learn every single day. I don’t always focus on drugs or medicines but also on ancillary disciplines that are hot topics and relevant to the future of PBPK modeling, pharmacy, and healthcare as a whole.

The thing I love most about my work: I have learned so much and have been able to develop computer models from scratch. I have also learned some programming which I will continue to learn, of which I feel is cutting edge.

My future career goals: I would like to be proficient at the various software platforms that help predict drug pharmacokinetics because in the pharmaceutical industry and in regulatory decision making is key to understanding drug disposition and thus the drugs prospectus. The understanding of the aforementioned is far reaching, as I believe it will allow me to be continue in either pharmaceutical companies, regulatory affairs, or even consulting. Therefore, if I would detail my 10-15 year plan, I would work in governmental regulatory affairs, then potentially continue to lead regulatory affairs at a pharmaceutical company, and ultimately, have a consulting firm in pharmacometrics and regulatory affairs.

Oscar Torres

Oscar Torres, PharmD

Hometown: Fort Worth

Current Role/Location: Pharmacy Manager Walgreens, Fort Worth, TX

Why did you choose UNTSCP? I chose UNTSCP because Fort Worth is my hometown. As soon as I found out the school was opening, I was excited to see what it had to offer. What really sold me was the amazing faculty that go above and beyond for the students.

Favorite experience from my PharmD student journey: My favorite experience has to be getting to learn hands-on during P4 rotations from some amazing pharmacists. I learned some valuable lessons in patient care, operations and leadership that I implement every day in my work.

One example of how I use my UNTSCP education in my role: One aspect of my education that is extremely important in my role is knowing the laws that govern the practice of pharmacy. As the pharmacist in charge, I need to know exactly what can and cannot be done in the pharmacy.

What has surprised me most about my pharmacy career journey: The main thing that has surprised me is how quickly things change in pharmacy. In particular how guidelines and regulations have changed in the dispensing and prescribing of opioids in attempts to combat abuse, diversion and addiction.

Describe a typical day: A typical day for me consists of helping patients get the medications they need, solving problems that arise in the pharmacy from day to days and figuring out how pharmacy operations can best be implemented and improved.

The thing I love most about my work: My favorite part of my work is getting the opportunity to help the community I grew up in through my job.

My future career goals: My future career goals are to expand my capabilities as a leader and continue to learn every single day.

Vi Truong

Vi Truong, PharmD

Hometown: Arlington, TX

Current Role/Location: Hospital Pharmacist in Mansfield

Why did you choose UNTSCP? Ability to stay in my home metroplex and the wealth of opportunities offered in the growing DFW area.

Favorite experience from my PharmD student journey: Community service that I was involved in was very meaningful and impactful, especially the homeless event in Fort Worth.

One example of how I use my UNTSCP education in my role: UNTSCP provided me an excellent foundation for my role as a pharmacist. Things I learned from school from MTM to inter-professional collaboration with other providers have made me a well-versed pharmacist in making a difference in patient care.

What has surprised me most about my pharmacy career journey: What has surprised me the most in my career journey in pharmacy is the amount of changes in guidelines each year. As I love learning, it gives me the oppurtunity to continue to learn and learn from others, especially precepting student pharmacists.

Describe a typical day: My typical day, I assess patients on a floor and perform clinical duties such as pharmacokinetics, renal adjustments, anticoagulation, antimicrobial stewardship, discharge counseling, medication reconciliation and much more. I also attend rounds with the clinical team and CODES if any occur. All while verifying medications and ensuring that the pharmacy workflow continues smoothly.

The thing I love most about my work: I feel the biggest barrier between inpatient and outpatient is the transition of care. It is truly rewarding when I can assist patients in understanding the medications they take to being proactive in making sure they can afford their medications before discharge.

My future career goals: I plan to take the BCPS next year to become a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist.

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